Big Box


Big Box

  • Location

    Salmabad, Bahrain, Bahrain

  • Area

    16,000 Sqm

  • Scope

    Architecture, Interior

  • Year

    2018 - Current

  • Status

    Detail Design

Located in the centre of Bahrain, this tower is located along a prominent highway intersection in Salmabad and rises to a height of 74 meters giving its offices panoramic views of the city and seascape beyond.

The design comprises of 4 stacked cubes with similar proportions. The upper glass cubes contain offices and are cladded with a ceramic fritted curtain wall that provides shading. On the floors where the boxes overlap, terraces are provided to create public spaces that circles the tower. The parking podium forms the base box, it is cladded in aluminium louvers to allow for cross air ventilation while the high ceilings of the retail podium and lobby embraces the active pedestrian street experience and is designed as a recessed and transparent is designed glass wall giving the impression of 4 floating boxes above it.

  • Client

    RFH Holdings

  • Team

    Omar Al Omari, Michaela Cojan, Christopher Yah, Laura Alvarez, Marcos Corbal, Max Lewis, Renzhi Zeng, Anna Aleshkina

  • Consultants
    • Local Architect

      IKA Ismail Khonji Associates Consulting Engineers

    • Electrical Engineer

      GEMAC General Engineering & Management Consultants

    • Quantity Surveyor

      DG Jones and Partners

    • Structural Engineer

      Daoud Jabaji, Ph.D. Structural Engineers & Construction Managers