Inglis Road Granted Planning Consent


We’re pleased to announce that our Inglis Road scheme in Ealing has been granted planning consent.

The 21 apartment development lies at the cusp of two conservation areas, Ealing Common and Creffield. To the west is the grand Hanger Lane, while to the east are modest detached houses of Inglis Road. The proposal mediates between these two opposing scales by restoring the site’s historic frontage onto Hanger Lane, while respecting the scale and proportions of Inglis Road.

Three residential blocks are arranged around a central courtyard that forms the heart of the development, increasing daylight and greenery. The blocks contain 21 apartments, in a mix of one, two and three bedrooms. Each apartment maximises open plan living, with ground floor private terraces and recessed upper balconies. A large, landscaped communal garden to the rear provides quiet spaces for contemplation as well as social spaces such as an outdoor dining area and children’s play facilities.

To allow for suitable density while complementing the adjacent two storey buildings, the building mass is carefully sculpted to reduce its bulk. An oblique folded roofscape corresponds to the neighbouring rhythm of pitched gables, concealing the third floor. The elevations are periodically recessed allowing the protruding brickwork sections to correspond in widths to the locally dominant bay windows. These recesses form sheltered entrances and are clad in a bronze coloured material, in homage to the plethora of contrasting light and dark materials used within the conservation areas. The proposal ends the streetscape appropriately whilst creating a dynamic folded volume that responds to shifting daylight, offering a unique characteristic to the neighbourhood.