OAOA designs a luxury masterplan project for Aqaba, Jordan


Middle East Architect covers our new masterplan in Aqaba, Jordan.

The Peninsula Islands Villas are on prime 150,000 sqm organically shaped islands at the breakwater entrance with panoramic views towards the Red sea and Marina.

The masterplan includes features such as a white-sand beach, preserved Historic Ruins, parks, playgrounds, sports and leisure facilities. It differentiates between its various zones by creating distinct neighbourhoods with unique characteristics and diverse landscapes.

The 77 villas are designed using a variable modular strategy; each villa consists of two wings that adapt to the different plot shapes creating different forms, reducing apparent repetition, offering choice and distinction for its individual residents whilst maintaining a coherent project identity and a sense of place. The villas are designed to maximize the views towards their magnificent setting and include a private pontoon where residents can moor their own yachts.

Different villa types have distinct contemporary GRC screens, with patterns abstracted from traditional architecture. The screens are utilised for privacy and solar protection. They dissolve from the solid sides and gradually open up towards the views, blending the envelope of the building with its surroundings.