OAOA Invited to Submit Design Bid for 40 storey Mixed-Use Tower


OAOA is delighted to be invited to participate in a design bid for a mixed-use tower in Manama, along the prestigious Bahrain Bay. Crystal Bay is a 40 storey residential tower which, at 151 meters high, would be the 8th tallest skyscraper in Bahrain.

Since the plot enjoys a waterfront location and expansive sea views, a primary criteria for design is to gain maximum views out to the sea. Climatic analysis and studies were carried out in order to provide optimum openings and shade.

Various forms were explored and essentially target at breaking the dense and large gross floor area into slender, elegant proportions that appeal to the human scale. The tower consists of apartments and retail. The retail has been restricted to a podium which embraces the active pedestrian street experience championed by Bahrain Bay.