Al-Riwaq Island


Al-Riwaq Island

  • Location

    Aqaba, Jordan

  • Area

    7,000 sqm

  • Scope

    Architecture, Interior, Landscape

  • Year

    2017 - Current

  • Status

    Tender Stage

“Al Riwaq” is a design element in Islamic architecture and garden design. It serves as a transition space between interior and outdoor spaces, providing shade and adjustment to sunlight in hot climates.

In this manmade island, the Riwaq layering strategy is utilised to achieve a resort-style living experience, bringing greenery and natural light into the villas and blurring the boundary between inside and outside.

The villas are arranged around a contemporary interpretation of the traditional courtyard, creating an intimate heart from which all areas can be easily accessed. From the sea side, the volumes are arranged to maximise views towards their magnificent surroundings and to create pockets of themed landscaped gardens offering tranquillity and sea-side luxury.

  • Client


  • Team

    Omar Al Omari, Michaela Cojan, Christopher Yah, Huida Xia, Samuel Esses, Laura Alvarez, Simona Sabackova, Lucas Ler, Ivy Jiang, Kelly Au

  • Consultants
    • Structural Engineer

      Daoud Jabaji Structural Engineers & Construction Managers

    • MEP Engineer

      Seville Engineering Consultants