• Location

    Aqaba, Jordan

  • Area

    12,000 sqm

  • Scope


  • Year

    2014 – Current

  • Status

    Detail Design

The “Avenue” is characterised by its long linear buildings along the Farouk Boulevard comprising of the Chamfered and Curvilinear.

Chamfered repeats twice, each building contains 14 apartments with views towards the boulevard and the city of Aqaba. The building form is split into three parts (3 apartments per floor) to follow the city grain and rhythm of the existing buildings on the opposite side of the road. The buildings are characterised by their distinct monolithic protruding “Chamfered” slabs that offer shading and privacy for the apartments.

“Curvilinear” is located at the southernmost plots of the avenue as it recedes and curves into the main entrance of the Ayla Development. The 11 plots are more private and exclusive (when compared to the main avenue plots). Their land is deep and subdivided in a way to allow for 3 double-loaded buildings, with 21 apartments in each and shared landscape facilities. The building is simple and elegant, resulting in efficient space planning and structure. The characteristic “wavy” appearance can be achieved by a cost effective precast concrete cladding system where three unique pieces are repeated to achieve the curvy form.

  • Client

    Ayla Oasis Development Co.

  • Team

    Omar Al Omari, Deena Fakhro, Anna Kowal, Mihaela Cojan, Sofia Muzio, Huida Xia, Belle Tung, Christopher Yah, Lucas Ler, Isobel Parnell, Andrew Bardzik

  • Consultants
    • Infrastructural Engineer


    • Softscape Designer

      Ur Garden

    • Lighting Designer