• Slopped Site

  • House ground floor programme

  • Split mass to allow garden access

  • Utilise slope for entertainment spaces with connections to multi-level gardens

  • Bridge first floor programme above living spaces providing shaded pool area

  • Extend slab and apply cladding to screen and shade internal spaces


    • Location

      Jary Al Shaikh, Bahrain

    • Area

      2,500 sqm

    • Scope

      Architecture, Interior and Landscape

    • Year


    • Status


    The Bridge takes advantage of the site’s unique topography. The road level is 5 metres above the majority of the site – with the eastern and western edges gently sloping up, forming a valley in the centre of the plot.

    The bridge proposes to create a linear east-west orientated volume for the house that spans across this natural valley. The mancave and display parking are nestled within the western flank of the valley, and a fully glazed wall to the display parking exposes the collectible cars to the house and garden – creating both a physical and visual link.

    The first floor continues the horizontal language by bridging over the ground floor and the detached spa and gym block. An infinity pool is slotted between these volumes – creating a convenient connection to the house and spa, while allowing for discreet and elegant shading of the pool. The pool’s infinity edge overlooks a sunken garden with the display parking beyond.

    • Client


    • Team

      Deena Fakhro, Chris Yah