• Single aspect linear massing

  • Place circulation at back to maximise views

  • Break length to respond to existing urban grain

  • Lift up massing to open public front

  • Protrude slabs for shading


    • Location

      Aqaba, Jordan

    • Area

      2 buildings (2,100 sqm each)

    • Scope

      Architectural and Interior Design

    • Year

      2014 – Current

    • Status

      Detailed Design

    The linear “Chamfered” building repeats twice along the Farouk Boulevard, each building contains 14 single aspect apartments with views towards the city of Aqaba.

    The building form is split into three parts to follow the existing city grain and the rhythm of buildings on the opposite side of the Avenue. It sits on a dark stone base giving it its floating appearance. The base is recessed to increase the public space on the street side and is predominantly solid for the privacy of the ground level apartments (replacing the need for a fence) which face their own private gardens at the back.

    The buildings are characterised by their distinct monolithic protruding “chamfered” slabs that offer shading and privacy for the apartments. The modular pre-cast concrete cladding elements are a cost effective and durable solution to achieve the sharp contemporary appearance of the building.

    The chamfered building contains the most compact and efficiently planned apartments with cost effective selection of materials to increase their affordability. The materials palette is neutral to suit a wide range of age groups and tastes.

    • Client

      Ayla Oasis Development Co.

    • Team

      Omar Al Omari, Deena Fakhro, Michaela Cojan, Huida Xia, Isabelle Tung, Isobel Parnell

    • Consultants
      • Structural Engineer

        ASAS Engineering Bureau

      • Services Engineer


      • Lighting Designer