• Half the apartments with good views & Inefficient Circulation

  • All apartment with good views & efficient circulation

  • Maximise views & reduce footprint

  • Give terraces to all apartments & reduce apparent height

  • Place service and parking underground to provide additional public landscapes & private gardens


    • Location

      Aqaba, Jordan

    • Area

      3 buildings (7,900 sqm each)

    • Scope

      Scope Architectural, Interior & Landscape Design

    • Year

      2014 – 2018

    • Status

      Phase 1 Complete

    The Crescent is the largest and most iconic building within the Ayla Golf Apartments masterplan. Its unique curved form sweeps around and hugs the landscaped gardens offering unobstructed views to the pool facilities and the golf course from all its apartments.

    The module is repeated three times and utilizes three cores to eliminate any corridors for an efficient design where each of its 28 apartments has dual aspect views. The form is stepped to give terraces to all apartments and to reduce apparent height. The distinctive cantilevered frames and intricate screens offer shading, privacy and give this contemporary, bold design a regional flavour.

    The crescent apartments are the biggest and most exclusive. They are designed with a striking yet simple high-end materials palette making the spaces feel light and breezy.

    • Client

      Client Ayla Oasis Development Co.

    • Team

      Omar Al Omari, Deena Fakhro, Michaela Cojan, Christopher Yah, Lucas Ler, Anna Kowal, Isabelle Tung, Sofia Muzio, Laura Alvarez, Riccardo Mechi, Borja Nunez

    • Consultants
      • Structural Engineer

        ASAS Engineering Bureau

      • Services Engineer


      • Lighting Designer


      • Infrastructural Engineer


      • Softscape Designer

        Ur Garden