• Double load deep blocks

  • Brief creates large volume

  • Step massing to shorten height

  • Curve to soften and split to provide an entrance

  • Break height by horizontal bands that flow along the avenue

  • Recessed private balconies break linearity yet maintain streamlined form


    • Location

      Aqaba, Jordan

    • Area

      3 buildings (3,000 sqm each)

    • Scope

      Architectural and Interior Design

    • Year

      2014 – Current

    • Status

      Detailed Design

    Located at the southernmost plots of the Avenue as it recedes and curves into the main entrance of the Ayla Development, the plots are deep and subdivided in a way to allow for 3 double-loaded buildings, with 21 single aspect apartments in each.

    The client brief to maximize on small apartments, results in a large mass. As the other Avenue buildings, the base is predominantly solid to lift-up the building and reduce its bulky appearance. The horizontal banding further breaks the height and improves the “flow” of its form. The waves create a balcony for each apartment. The building’s linearity is broken by splitting it open down its middle to create an airy and inviting triple height lobby.

    The building is simple and elegant, resulting in efficient space planning and structure. The characteristic wavy appearance can be achieved by a cost effective precast concrete cladding system where three unique pieces are repeated to achieve the curvy forms.

    • Client

      Ayla Oasis Development Co.

    • Team

      Omar Al Omari, Deena Fakhro, Michaela Cojan, Huida Xia, Isabelle Tung, Isobel Parnell

    • Consultants
      • Structural Engineer

        ASAS Engineering Bureau

      • Services Engineer


      • Lighting Designer