• Location

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Area

    2,650 sqm

  • Scope

    Architectural, Interior & Landscape Design

  • Year


  • Status

    Concept Design

Inspired by waving desert hills and traditional bedouin tents, Dunes employs a curved roof structure that shapes and frames the landscape. The extruded pitched roofs protect against the hot midday sun and provides cover to enhance privacy.

Modernising the traditional Arabic lattice unique to Dubai, by using varied angles and fading pattern, it transforms strong sunlight into delicate masses of dancing shadows that interplay and change against the striking monolithic architecture.

The building is broken into 8 main volumes. .As you enter, the view focuses on a central courtyard that connects and draws all the spaces together. Surrounding the courtyard each function has it’s own private quarter with access to landscaped gardens and covered terraces.

The main living room spills out towards the central part of the garden with views of the sculpted pool and spa area.The building form is unique, expressive and open – carving out spacious, private and serene moments where natural daylight is tamed and enriched.

  • Client


  • Team

    Omar Al Omari, Michaela Cojan, Christopher Yah, Laura Alvarez, Marcos Corbal, Max Lewis, Renzhi Zeng, Anna Aleshkina