Jeddo Road


Jeddo Road

  • Location

    London, United Kingdom

  • Area

    190 sqm

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Located in White City, London. The project consists of the refurbishment of a former industrial laundrette to a contemporary office space.

The space is organised through the use of a mezzanine level which pulls back at the centre to allow for a double height reception area. Exposed joists help to increase the perceived headroom whilst the gaps between them are utilised for linear strip lights and feature spotlights. A storage wall running along the length of the interior is used to conceal service areas and provide a display area for samples, models, awards, and project images. A plywood stair is accessed via a gap in the storage wall which ascends to the upper floor.

The industrial aesthetic nods back to its former use. Sandblasted interior walls showcase the exposed yellow and red brick, whilst a slimline steel and timber mezzanine level spans between the existing concrete columns.

The ground plane hosts a print room, toilet, and an 18 desk open plan office layout with magnetic display walls for informal meetings and presentations. A reception area doubles up as a breakout space with a retractable projector screen for social events.

Upstairs a meeting room, kitchenette, and dining area look out over the double height space. The storage wall provides a visual link between the spaces and conceals a server room, toilet, and staircase for the apartments above.


  • Client


  • Team

    Omar Al Omari, Deena Fakhro, Lucas Ler, Christopher Yah