Peninsula Islands Beach


Peninsula Islands Beach

  • Location

    Aqaba, Jordan

  • Area

    8,800 sqm

  • Scope


  • Year

    2015 – Current

  • Status


A unique man-made white sand beach offering the Peninsula Islands residents a tranquil escape at their doorstep.

Nestled between Ayla’s breath-taking lagoons, with the dramatic backdrop of the mountains of Aqaba, this exclusive beach is the perfect setting to spend the day playing a game of beach volley, swimming in the vibrant turquoise lagoon, or relaxing under the shadows of the palm groves soaking in the magnificent surroundings.

The design is intentionally restrained, utilising indigenous palm trees, grasses and giant boulders to create a calm natural environment. The trees are distributed to provide shaded areas along the beach without obstructing the sea views from the beach villas. Amenities such as shaded seating and dining areas, showers and restrooms are carefully positioned for convenience yet concealed within natural vegetation.

With the busy lifestyles of contemporary living, serenity is the ultimate luxury.

  • Client

    Ayla Oasis Development Co

  • Team

    Omar Al Omari, Deena Fakhro, Christopher Yah, Belle Tung, Laura Alvarez

  • Consultants
    • Softscape Designer

      Ur Garden

    • Infrastructural Engineer


    • Lighting Designer