Rehaan Valley


Rehaan Valley

  • Location

    Naour Area, Jordan

  • Area

    150,000 sqm

  • Scope


  • Year

    2017 – Current

  • Status


The site is located in the highlands of the Naour Area, between Amman and the Dead Sea, and is characterised by a steep topography down towards a valley. Encompassing over 150,000 m², the site will house a new self-sustained, mixed-use community and a rich diversity of activity. A series of distinct zones are sculpted from the topography, their urban forms referencing the landscape’s tectonics. An office campus lines the hillside fronting the main highway, with six blocks connected through a communal park and cafes. All parking is concealed within the valley, utilising the natural cut of the landscape to provide the required number of spaces without visible surface parking.

Above the multilevel parking is a landscaped pedestrian cultural and retail boulevard, showcasing a cinema, olive factory, feature restaurants, a central Art Village and a range of retail units, all of which reinforce the strong local agricultural context through their products and crafts. The boulevard culminates in an iconic sculpted theatre, its terraced form inspired by Jordan’s many roman amphitheatres carved from the rock. A hotel sits adjacent to the theatre, its 80 rooms emerging from a steep cliff face. A variety of residences are proposed to support diverse needs from single studios above the retail boulevard, to two and three bedroom apartments on the hillside, and private villas at the hilltop.

The masterplan ultimately aims to create a holistic, inclusive community that is strongly rooted in its ground, sustainably growing from its earth, inspired by its cultural past, with an optimistic and ambitious view towards its future.

  • Client


  • Team

    Omar Al Omari, Deena Fakhro, Lucas Ler, Huida Xia, Simona Sabackova, Laura Alvarez, Jonathan Wong, Samuel Esses, Christopher Yah, Ebrahim Al Mehza