Shear Wall House


Shear Wall House

  • Location

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Area

    2,500 sqm

  • Scope

    Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design

  • Year

    2016 - Current

  • Status

    Tender Documents

In a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Islamic courtyard, greenery and natural light is brought into the villa through an impressive double-height conservatory which creates a tranquil oasis that protects its inhabitants from the harsh desert climate.
Prominent stone shear walls layer the spaces and orientate views towards the garden through shaded floor to ceiling glass. The linear architectural language enhances the entrance with transparency and depth. A continuous water stream runs throughout the house, springing from a water feature at the entrance drop off, that seamlessly transforms into reflecting pools inside and the outdoor swimming pool. Along the water “strip” additional unexpected features surprise and delight, such as a double height glass waterfall within the conservatory and a shaded pool screened by a curtain of water.
Each room is given its unique characteristics to create interest and variety whilst maintaining the striking linear and minimal design language. The landscape effortlessly connects the external and internal spaces and provides a variety of entertainment and relaxation spaces such as a sunken seating area with a fire pit nestled within a reflecting pool, and a hidden hammam within a secret courtyard evoking feelings of meditation and serenity.

  • Client


  • Team

    Omar Al Omari, Deena Fakhro, Simona Sabackova, Laura Alvarez, Jonathan Wong

  • Consultants
    • Structural Engineer

      Daoud Jabaji

    • Services Engineer

      Seville Engineering Consultants

    • Lighting Designer