The Lagoons


The Lagoons

  • Location

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Area

    750,000 sqm

  • Scope


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The Lagoons is a 750,000 sqm mixed-use community offering 3,500 residential units around a filtered crystal lagoon, manmade islands and parks, with ample retail and entertainment facilities at its heart to allow easy pedestrian access for the entire community.

The arrangement maximises waterfrontage with a layered mix of villas, townhouses and apartments of different sizes, allowing the integration of people from different age groups and social backgrounds into a holistic community, and giving a varied masterplan experience between its zones.

A ring road, away from the park and private residences, provides efficient circulation and access from all surrounding road networks. The buildings increase in height towards the perimeter to reduce the noise from the surrounding roads and maximize views towards the inner lagoon park and the Dubai skyline.

Sustainable strategies are utilised throughout with an aim to optimize the urban layout and building design with efficient planning, maximising solar and daylight potential, minimizing energy and water demands, energy efficiency and renewable energy production. The masterplan is designed to improve pedestrian conditions through shading with indigenous trees and canopies to encourage walking, cycling and healthy living. Grey water recycling can be used to water the draught resistant plants and district cooling is recommended to reduce energy consumption while photovoltaics can provide clean and sustainable energy.

  • Client


  • Team

    Omar Al Omari, Mihaela Cojan, Christopher Yah, Huida Xia, Hana Draskovic, Tul Srisompun, Parth Jivrajani, Malik Sadder

  • Consultants
    • Multidisciplinary Design

      SBS Engineering Group

    • Sustainability Engineer

      Transsolar Energie Technik GmBH